Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have additional questions about our delivery or customer pick-up polices, please reach out to Jeremy Flemming by e-mail at [email protected] or you may call him at (269)944-7263.

Do I have to notify anyone in advance that I am planning a customer pick-up on site at Old World Gardens?

Yes absolutely! We prefer that you notify Kim Grenon (your account manager) at the time of order that you would like to pick-up your order. If you already have a date and time in mind, that can be shared with her also. Your order will be marked as customer pick-up and Jeremy Flemming will reach out to you to plan your specific date and time if you have not already shared that information with Kim.

Do you offer weekend hours for customer pick-up?

No we do not and we understand this is a change from the pervious owner. However, more often than not our Growing Team is applying/spraying pesticides from late Friday afternoon through Sunday mornings. Due to chemical REIs our greenhouses are unsafe for visiting during these times and therefore we can not accept visitors or allow hand selection of product on the weekends. We are open M-F 6:00-2:30 for this purpose and can slightly extend our hours to 4pm during the week as necessary to accommodate your needs.

Are there specific days of the week you usually deliver to specific areas?

Yes, during “peak season” (April-Oct) we deliver weekly to the Detroit area on Wednesdays and the Chicago area on Thursdays. We do not have a set day of the week that we deliver to the Ohio area. Deliveries to the Grand Rapids and South Bend areas are planned on an as needed basis.

During the “off season” (Nov-March), we usually have trucks headed to Detroit and Chicago about every two to three weeks. However, please note that this is dependent on weather and the number of customers needing delivery in those areas each week. We usually have fewer orders needing delivery in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio during the off season and deliveries are planned on an as needed basis.

Do you heat protect product at the time of shipping?

We have a small heater and utilize blankets to insulate our delivery vehicle for winter deliveries. However, this still doesn’t provide enough heat during extremely cold temperatures. We do not deliver if the high temperature for the day is projected to be under 25°F or if the road conditions are projected to be unsafe. If we need to cancel a delivery due to extreme weather, you will be notified of the delivery cancellation, and we will work to reschedule the delivery with you at our next available opening.

Who do I contact to find out if you have a delivery planned in my area?

You may reach out to Jeremy Flemming at [email protected] or (269)944-7263.

Does cold weather cause shipping/delivery delays?

Cold temperatures do affect our ability to make deliveries. Although temps at one point in the day might reach a desirable temp we need to look at the weather for the entire time our plants will be traveling.

Unfortunately, we are unable to complete delivery if the high temperature is forecasted to be below 25 degrees or if the temperatures will be below 20 degrees at any point during the transportation/delivery timeframe. We also watch “feels like” temps because windchill can greatly affect the quality of our plants when these temps are in the “teens”.

If plants are exposed to these extreme temperatures for even a brief moment, these conditions can lead to poor-looking quality plants for your customers and affect its short-term health.  As much as we want to deliver your order on time, we can’t risk the health of the plants in extreme temperatures.

It is our policy to automatically reschedule your delivery for one week out from the weather delay as long as the temperatures return to our required minimums. We have found that most weather delays usually only last for one to two weeks.

If you are unable to deliver my order during my desired delivery week, when will you let me know?

We typically notify customers by the Friday of the week prior to your scheduled/desired delivery week if we won’t have a delivery in your area.

What if I really need my product delivered but you don’t have a delivery scheduled for my area?

If you need your order to be delivered on a week that we don’t have a delivery scheduled for your area, we can offer a single drop delivery. For a single drop delivery, the order minimum is $1,500 with a delivery fee of $200-$500 (delivery fee is determined by travel distance).

Why does my minimum order amount increase from $300 to $1,500 if I am the only customer needing delivery on a given week?

Delivery to our service areas is costly and we can only maintain the minimum order of $300 (with a $42 delivery fee) if we have multiple customers in an area requesting delivery the same week. This allows us to deliver to multiple stops on the same truckload.

Does Old World Gardens have any plans to offer UPS or FedEx delivery options for smaller orders?

At this time, we do not offer parcel delivery options for our product. If this changes we will be sure to notify our customers of this change.

Can I add items to my order at time of pick-up?

Absolutely! At time of pick-up, you may walk our greenhouse and add items to your order if desired. Our staff will be more than happy to help you select additional items and answer any questions you have at that time.

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